MeatUp Festival 2018 2022


Come to MeatUp, fools. It'll be well good, and there hasn't been one since 2019.

The menu

The pandemic

Please see the FAQ below for COVID info, but basically: masks are optional, testing before you come isn't.


Midday onward on the 20th August, 2022. Food will start appearing at around 1:30pm.



How much?

Twenty of your British pounds.


Nice one. Throw the cash and turn up.


Why are we paying?
Some people find it difficult to bring food, especially if they are on a train (or a plane). Also, we can get much better meat if we buy it in large amounts.

£20 is quite a lot, isn't it?
We charged £15 the first time and made a loss in excess of £200, so we've had to put the price up a bit. Also, meat (and charcoal) is hella expensive since the pandemic. Stupid pandemic.
That said, I don't want anyone not to come because they don't have the cash to spare. Get in touch and we'll work something out.

I know we're paying, but can I bring food as well?
Of course. If you've got a kick-ass chicken recipe you want to cook or something, that's totally cool.

Do I still have to bring my own drinks?

What about COVIDs? Do I need a mask?
Mask up if you want, no judgement here, but it isn't required. We do ask that you do a test the morning of, though (or evening before).

Will I get my money back if I find out I have the roundboi and can't come?
Of course.

Can I have a go at being a chef, or at least cook what I brought?
Christ yes, the Yes, Chef!s would love a chance to sit and have a beer (which one of them did for the entire day in 2019, and still hasn't been forgiven). Just approach the closest one and offer to take over. Call them back when you are bored.

Is there space to park my car?

What else can I bring?
Outdoor seating, a camera, and real gangsters turn up carrying all the ice cubes they can. Bring bedding if you want floor space, too.

Shouldn't we cook the food before it is put on a barbecue?
Man the fuck up.

I might not be able to turn up, but I'd like to. How much notice do you need?
None, really. Just turn up, say hi, and hand me some cash. Bring ice.

Can I bring my kid?
Everyone is welcome, but you need to think about putting your child in front of a large number of very drunk people. You might also want to bear in mind that one of the guests is a social worker who specialises in child protection. So while I'm saying "yes", I actually mean "no" ;)

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, if it's going to behave, and play nicely with other dogs. Be aware that my dog will be there, and my dog is a fucking nutter, so if your dog doesn't like to play then, well, that's probably not going to end well.

Will my tent fit in your garden?
Yup. Even Mali's supertent fits.

This website is shit.
That's not a question.

Why is this website so shit?
Because I haven't got time to do a good one. The one from 2019 was amazing, and I love it to bits. Take a look.

Will there be somewhere cold to put my beer?

I'm not sure about meeting people from the Internet...
Neither was I, once. I did, though, and I don't regret it. We're generally excellent people, and, just like you, fairly normal. We just own more games consoles is all =]

There are some people going that I don't get on with online.
There are probably people coming that I don't get on with online. Everything is different in real life. Promise. Also, see the answer above.

What's the closest airport?
Luton. It's easy to get a train from Luton to Bedford, too.

Fancy a drink?
Certainly, but don't feel for a second that it's compulsory. Your hosts enjoy Bourbon and Stella (not together).