Spreading the faith to all

3rd - 4th August, 2019

Midday Saturday to some time on Sunday

Countdown to chow-down


Ezekiel 24:10

"Pile on the logs and kindle the fire; cook the meat well and mix in the spices."

Solid work, bible-folk

As you can see from the scripture above, your boy Ezekiel knew what was up. Come help us celebrate the word of the Lord by cramming meat into our faces.

Cloudy. Like Heaven!
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Pastrami is a Jewish dish made from cured brisket mixed in with a whole lot of love. As you know the main man JC was Jewish, so nomming on some 'strami will probably gain you a crisp high five from St. Pete.

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Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends are like perfect little cubes of beef candy. The Bible makes mention of perfect cubes a few times (notably Kings 1 6:20 and Ezra 6:3) so slamming these into your face will likely get you lit up like Jake Blues.

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Pulled pork

Pork shoulder is smoked, ripped into shreds and covered with BBQ sawse for your palate's pleasure. The first recorded pulled pork recipe was by a guy named Christian, which is all the proof you need.

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Yes! Chef Burgers

Your culinary superstars are bringing years of research to the fore and smashing together damned good cheeseburgers for all. Sure, Exodus 34:26 suggests that might be a bad thing, but just ask for forgiveness afterwards.

Exodus 12:9

"Do not eat the meat raw or cooked in water, but roast it over the fire; head, legs and inner parts."

Two idiots and a legend. You can choose who is who.

In case you weren't sure

That's some clear-cut Christianity right there. Barbecue will get you through the Pearly Gates faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend moves when your car pulls up.


Stand by for a knowledge drop

Yo, we've done this a lot.

If you want a detailed FAQ hit up last year's site.

All you need to know is:

  • Sling us £20
  • Bring alcohol
  • Turn up to 76 Church Lane, Bedford MK41 0AW
  • Figure out somewhere to sleep (camping is, of course, encouraged)
  • If you can bring a chair to sit on that would be advantageous
  • Winners turn up with as many ice cubes as they can carry
  • The closest hotel is this one